The story behind

During one of her many trips to America, Mi Moneda founder and designer, Michelle, came up with the idea to design a changeable bar necklace. “I travel all over the world. As a designer, you become inspired by what other women wear, how they look and what they are comfortable with,” she says. “As human beings, we sometimes worry about unimportant things and need reminding that everyone has something you can use at some point in your life: new dreams or a little love or happiness. This sentiment takes me back to my roots and to what is truly important. This was also the basis for the Take What You Need collection: finding the balance in life, in order to ‘Take what you need and give what you can.’”

The perfect gift

The interchangeable bar system makes it possible to modify your necklace or bracelet to reflect your needs at the time, such as a good dose of luck, passion, magic or strength! You can also complete your outfit with matching rings and bracelets.

Be the designer!

For those who would like to give a personal touch to the jewelry, there is the possibility to get started yourself as a designer and create your own bar. A meaningful date, a drawing or sketch, a handwritten text by your loved one; the possibilities are endless!

Trendy & fashionable

Not only does the jewelry by TWYN have a special message, it is also very stylish. The minimalist look of the jewelry can be combined perfectly with other jewelry to create a layered look. It is the jewelry trend par excellence of this moment!

Take what you need and give what you can!